Residential Real Estate Appeal Process

Section 172 of the KY Constitution requires us to assess all property at 100% Fair Cash Value, meaning the price a buyer would pay a willing seller for a piece of property.

Property owners who disagree with their property value must first hold a conference with the PVA office before MAY 18, 2015.

In order to complete the conference form we will need some information from you. Click the link below if you would like to move forward with the appeal process.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept online commercial appeals. Please contact our office at the information below to move forward with the commercial appeal process.

In order to complete the online form you must provide us with an email address, if you do not have an email address please call our office at the number below to complete a form over the phone.

Boone County Property Valuation Administrator
Phone# (859) 334-4817
Fax# (859) 334-2126

The online appeal site is closed for this year. To appeal your property please call our office at 859-334-3961.